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***PRE-ORDER*** Chad

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The Virgin Anime Peek
>Designates the owner a filthy weeaboo
>Acts only to receive attention from other drivers
>Has no practical function
The Chad Meme Peek
>Designates the owner as a connoisseur of internet culture
>Disregards other vehicles, always has his sights set on his goal
>Serves as an anti-theft deterrent and art installation

4"x4", Printed on standard vinyl with a glossy finish.

Comes on application paper and tape for easy adhesion.

NOTE: This product is a pre-order! Payment will be collected immediately and at the end of either a 2-week period, or when the batch size is met, the order will be placed with our producer. At this point it is roughly a 1.5 week turnaround until we receive it. It will then be shipped to you within 3 business days. Total time: ~4-6 weeks. If this is unacceptable please DO NOT ORDER.

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